Eurona collaborates with Red Cross to help people affected by the Ukraine crisis

The telecommunications company has launched a free calls and sms service to the country and has activated a fundraising campaign among its employees, suppliers and customers.

Faced with the dramatic situation in Ukraine, Eurona, the expert in connectivity services and solutions, has launched a campaign to help Ukrainian refugees to rebuild their lives, to facilitate their reintegration in a friendly but strange territory such as Europe and to try to make them feel at home.

In this sense, the company already offers free international calls and SMS to this country for all its customers, so that anyone can contact their relatives wherever they are and regardless of the cost.

In addition to this initiative, the campaign #TodosConUcrania (EveryoneWithUkraine), through which Eurona will collaborate with the Red Cross to raise funds that will go entirely to send humanitarian support to conflict areas, as well as to assist Ukrainian refugees in host countries such as Spain, is also part of this initiative.

With this initiative, Eurona offers its employees, customers, partners, suppliers and all those who want to join the cause, the possibility to make their own donations anonymously and help these people who need it so much.

According to Fernando Ojeda, CEO of Eurona, "Eurona is first and foremost a company made up of a committed team with a strong social conscience. Faced with the humanitarian crisis that the Ukrainian people are experiencing, we cannot afford to look the other way. We want to do our bit by showing our solidarity with the pain of the millions of people who are suffering the consequences of this bloody war, which we hope will end soon.


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