Eurona will offer connection to the Red Cross at strategic points to help in possible emergency situations

Eurona thus strengthens its B2B division in a sector where the company has long experience

Satellite technology responds without interference in emergency situations, where rapid communications is vital for the deployment of devices and the exchange of information in real time

Eurona, the expert in connectivity services and solutions, has reached an agreement with the Red Cross to bring, for at least two years, satellite connection and voice over Internet services to strategic points to help in possible emergency situations such as floods, earthquakes, snowfalls, forest fires and even volcanic eruptions such as the recent one in La Palma.

The first phase of the agreement with the Red Cross includes the connection for three regional centres, starting with Navarre, Galicia and Madrid, which will be extended in the coming months to reach ten throughout the country. In fact, Eurona's satellite connection will allow Red Cross regional headquarters to have Internet access in remote areas and unpopulated municipalities, where satellite is the only viable technology to guarantee their Internet connection.

Satellite technology will allow the Red Cross to create a regional and national communications network so that the humanitarian institution's operatives can be in direct contact at all times with the headquarters and other territorial headquarters, thus speeding up decision-making and facilitating the coordination of teams in emergency situations.

With this operation, Eurona strengthens its 'large accounts' (B2B) division in a sector in which the company has long experience, as it already offers high connectivity services for public emergency and mobility services in the Valencian Community, Extremadura, Galicia, Cantabria, Navarra and La Rioja.

The Red Cross is thus committed to satellite, a technology that allows it to offer connectivity anywhere and even on the move, responding without interference in emergency situations, where speed in communications is of vital importance for the deployment of devices and the exchange of information in real time, without depending on terrestrial infrastructures, which are often severely affected in this type of situation.

This agreement follows the company's recently announced agreement to democratise telemedicine services in rural Spain.  In this way, the company facilitates quality and immediate medical care from the mobile phone itself; medical care that includes almost a dozen specialties, as well as the remote issuance of electronic prescriptions, thus saving paperwork and long journeys.

According to Fernando Ojeda, CEO of Eurona, "this new contract with the Red Cross, in addition to strengthening us as a company, allows the humanitarian institution to have a quality connection in places hitherto lacking telecommunications infrastructure where the use of the Internet is just as important to act quickly in emergency situations".

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