Eurona at FiturtechY expands its range of connectivity solutions for the hotel sector

The company presents at Fiturtechy WiFi-Hotspot technology "tailored" to the accommodations to guarantee an excellent stay to its guests

Eurona, a reference in high technology WiFi for the hotel and holiday sector, presents these days in FiturtechY, the section of Fitur specialized in technology and innovation for the tourist sector, its connection services adapted to the needs of the accommodations to improve the experience of its clients.

Taking into account that Spain received more than 79 million tourists in 2019, according to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), and that the hotel sector must keep up with this high demand for accommodation and its greater demand for services, Eurona insists on the importance of a quality Internet connection with the latest technology.

Although when choosing a hotel a good bed is assumed, in a context where tourists do not understand their trip without being connected, the quality of the Internet service is also a determining factor in the perception and assessment of the establishment by its guests.

In response to this need, Eurona Telecom has expanded its range of connectivity services so that customers can enjoy, during their stay, hyperconnected experiences that range from turning on and off the lights in their room, turning on the heating to designing environments in their own room with a simple 'click'.

As part of this multi-service strategy for the hotel sector, Eurona also provides connectivity to Otrum's Chromecast solution, allowing tourists to share the content of their devices with their room's television easily and securely.

Eurona already has the experience of serving more than 14,000 rooms in leading hotels and resorts in Spain and the Caribbean. In addition, the company is planning new agreements during 2020 to continue expanding its client portfolio in this sector.

According to Fernando Ojeda, CEO of Eurona Telecom, "Internet is key in the strong technological revolution that the hotel sector is experiencing. Connectivity is a basic need for tourists who are no longer satisfied with just having WiFi in their accommodation, now they also want to access their own content (Netflix, Youtube) on the television in their rooms and a sector as powerful as the hotel industry in Spain must know how to adapt to these demands".

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