Eurona will provide free Wifi connection to Medellin metro users in Colombia

The company strengthens its presence in the Colombian transport sector, where it already serves the airports of Bogotá, Cartagena de Indias and Pereira

C&W Networks to help provide coverage for Medellín's two main metro lines

Eurona, the expert in connectivity services and solutions, will provide free wifi coverage to users of the Medellin metro in Colombia, thus reinforcing its presence in the transport sector in this country, where it already offers this service in the airports of Bogota (El Dorado), Cartagena de Indias (Rafael Núñez) and Pereira (Matecaña).

This service is possible thanks to the agreement established between Metro de Medellín and C&W Networks, the company that supplies the wifi ecosystem integrated with Eurona, which will provide coverage for the two main metro lines.

The free wifi coverage, which has required an investment of 2,700 million Colombian pesos (just over 600,000 euros), will begin to operate in a first phase in nine metro stations and in some of the trains that provide service, although it is planned to extend this connection to the rest of the network's stations in the future.

This financing has been provided by Metro de Medellín and the Metropolitan Area of the Aburrá Valley (AMVA), which have shared the public wifi installation works.

Eurona gains weight in Colombia

Eurona thus reinforces its presence in the transport sector in the LATAM region and, particularly, in Colombia, where it already connects three of the country's main airports via wifi.

The first were the airports of Bogota (El Dorado) and Pereira (Matecaña) and more recently Cartagena de Indias (Rafael Núñez). The wifi service covers all the rooms in the airports and allows passengers to connect from the moment they arrive until the plane takes off.

In addition, Eurona also connects passengers at Tocumen airport in Panama, considered the 'hub of the Americas', as well as Punta Cana International Airport, to which it offers wireless internet access for the collective use of its passengers, through Eurona's Hotspot-Wifi technology.

Eurona's presence in the LATAM region also responds to the company's commitment to strengthen its position as a global operator in the tourism sector, where it also connects cruise ships, shipping companies and all types of hotels, resorts and accommodation.

According to Fernando Ojeda, CEO of Eurona, "the free wifi coverage in the Medellin Metro reinforces us as a reference operator in the area of transport infrastructures in Colombia, with a quality service that benefits users who want a state-of-the-art connection to be always on and enjoy a real travel experience".

Chris Coles, Vice President and CEO of C&W Networks, said, "Many countries have embraced the connectivity of their people as an enabler for their advancement. Ensuring that people have connectivity in transport modes such as the metro is essential to ensure that those who use it stay connected. This is in line with the Medellín Digital initiative and our plan to create a digital ecosystem, expand the supply of services and make these types of projects profitable.

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