Eurona signs an agreement with MásMovil to bring fiber to more than 7 million homes and businesses

This alliance is part of Eurona's strategy to strengthen its product portfolio and offer a more complete range of services to its customers.

Madrid, 18th june 2019. Eurona, the Spanish telecommunications multinational, has just signed an agreement with MásMóvil to bring fibre optic services to a potential market of 7 million homes and businesses. This is an alliance that will allow the company led by Fernando Ojeda to strengthen its product portfolio and access a new market such as fiber.

Precisely, this agreement is part of the technological diversification strategy of the company to offer Internet to its customers through different technologies according to their needs through fiber optics, satellite Internet or Fixed Wireless, in addition to fixed broadband services with competitive mobile rates.

Eurona will put on the market an offer starting from 29.90 euros per month for FTTH services with speeds of 100 Mbps. In addition, the agreement is complemented by an FTTH offer of 600 Mbps for a final price of 44.90 euros per month.

This is not the first time that Eurona has teamed up with MásMóvil to strengthen the range of services offered to its customers. In September last year, the company agreed with the fourth largest telephone operator in Spain to launch a battery of new voice and data tariffs for mobiles with which Eurona sought to reinforce its 'customercentric' strategy.

This alliance was part of the agreement signed between the two companies almost a year ago for the sale of the licensed 3.5 GHz band. Under this operation, in addition to the transfer of the licence, Eurona also agreed to use MásMóvil's mobile telephone network, thus enhancing its services to Fixed Wireless, WIMAX and satellite customers by extending the geographical scope of its offer and reducing its development costs.

According to Fernando Ojeda, CEO of Eurona, "with this new strategic alliance the company strengthens its position in the telecommunications sector by offering a full range of services to its customers according to their location and needs. In other words, while the satellite Internet solution allows rural inhabitants a viable and immediate broadband connection, the new fibre offers extend the possibilities of customers who already enjoy the Internet in their homes".

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