Eurona will monitor the channels of the Segura river via satellite

Eurona, through its subsidiary Quantis, will monitor the reservoirs and channels of the Segura Hydrographic Confederation (CHS) via satellite. This agreement supposes the entrance of the company in the management of the hydric resources, opening a new window of growth for the group.

Thanks to satellite technology and its ability to reach anywhere, it is already possible to put technology at the service of nature to effectively manage its changes and prevent them from having a negative impact on society.

The dams and channels of the Segura river will be monitored and continuous information will be transmitted continuously on the state of the same, providing important information for decision making and to avoid overflowing of rivers and floods in flood situations.

The service goes further and through the satellite technology of Eurona will be informed about the water quality, an essential aspect to detect when the pre-established contamination thresholds have been exceeded.

In this way, technology prevents water changes -both levels and their composition- have consequences that can be tragic, both for the population and for flora and fauna. Thus, the satellite is integrated into the fluvial environment with the aim of making its management more efficient and safer at a time when global warming is causing torrential rains in places where it did not previously occur.

Precisely, it seems that water is the medium that most bets on this technology. Well, it's not just about rivers, Eurona's satellite connections also travel by sea. The company has recently entered the maritime sector to provide connectivity to the passenger ferries of Balèria and Naviera Armas, merchant ships, yachts, fishing vessels and even vessels that carry out maritime rescue operations in Mediterranean waters.

This boom in boat connections is a good proof that people no longer conceive of their lives without being able to access the Internet. Whether by sea, land or air, travelers want to be connected at any time, at any time. And for this, the satellite has become a fundamental tool, because it can reach places that fiber optic does not reach. So, once again, Eurona arrives where others can not.

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