Eurona reinforces its commitment to fibre to reach 20,000 new homes in cities

Eurona will do it so through 'la fibra más sensible', a campaign that will donate part of each bill to the charity of the customer's choice

Eurona, the Spanish telecommunications multinational, has recently reinforced its commitment to fibre optics in order to reach a potential market of 20,000 new homes in cities.

In this way, the company is strengthening its position in the telecommunications sector with a wide portfolio of state-of-the-art technologies - including satellite and hotspot - to guarantee Internet access and offer a more complete range of services to its customers.

Specifically, Eurona will make this new breakthrough in urban environments through 'la fibra más sensible', a fibre and mobile service that will donate part of each bill to a charitable cause.

With this strategy, Eurona seeks to break away from the low-cost battle that other operators are waging in the city and focus on a strategy that is centred on people and on its objective of democratising the Internet by helping the most vulnerable groups.

If, with satellite technology, its aim was to end the digital divide, the scarcity of opportunities in the rural world and the inequalities between connected and unconnected, with 'la fibra más sensible', Eurona is helping foundations such as Cadete, Son Ángeles and Amigos de Calcutta to carry out their mission.

Thus, for each bill for this service, Eurona will donate part of its turnover so that children with disabilities have access to the necessary rehabilitation treatments, so that young people with multiple disabilities have access to scholarships to access a place in Day Centres or so that children in the Kobardanga home in India have access to permanent health care.

According to Fernando Ojeda, Managing Director of Eurona, "In our company we are convinced that progress is only achieved if people's quality of life is improved. That is why, in our activity in the telecommunications sector, our purpose has always been linked to helping and protecting vulnerable groups. Through these 'solidarity connections' we seek to become an engine of change that drives social progress. Because it is not a question of forgetting about profits, but of making them compatible with improving our world".

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