Eurona brings to Spain Hisky, a technology that makes IoT possible in the most remote places

It is the first Ka-band IoT system in Spain, which uses the capacity of Hispasat satellites to provide fast and easy connectivity anywhere

The solution is based on Hisky's Smartellite fixed terminal, which connects the different IoT sensors to the satellite network

Eurona, the expert in connectivity services and solutions for the unconnected, has launched a new satellite solution to provide Internet of Things (IoT) services in the most remote locations based on Hisky's Smartellite technology.  

This innovative Eurona service is the first Ka-band IoT communications system in Spain. Through the capacity that Hispasat offers in this frequency band, Eurona users will be able to have quick and easy connectivity anywhere, in addition to other voice (Push to talk) and data services.

Specifically, the Smartellite solution from the technology provider Hisky connects the different sensors located throughout the territory with the satellite network in real time. In this way, this technology adapts to the new times and revolutionises satellite communication services, making them accessible and affordable.

Hisky technology has three types of devices depending on their application. It can be a fixed terminal, which fits in the palm of the hand, and can be installed in renewable energy plants, electricity pylons, agricultural and livestock farms or even in dams for water resource management. It also has a static terminal that will enable critical personal communications; such as location and rescue activities for sports and risky activities. Eurona, Hispasat and Hisky are also working on the development of a mobile solution that will soon be used in mobility services (cars, boats, etc.).

Eurona expands its portfolio of B2B customers

In this way, with this pioneering technology in Spain, Eurona expands its portfolio of products and services and makes real applications such as environmental monitoring, greenhouse control, livestock monitoring or machinery control in the SmartAgro sector.

It also enables the monitoring of meters or even the remote control of the distribution network and electricity generation in the energy sector. It also enables the control of goods, the connection of ATMs and unattended points of sale, fire detection, water resource management or flood control, among other actions.

According to Fernando Ojeda, CEO of Eurona, "the incorporation of this technology is part of our commitment to innovation in the telecommunications sector and responds to our original philosophy and our goal of connecting remote areas with cutting-edge solutions, adapted to the current context of technological transformation".


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