Eurona and the Federation of Rural Tourism Entrepreneurs of Castilla y León join forces to bring internet to businesses in the sector

The company has signed a collaboration agreement with the Federation to boost the tourism sector in the nine provinces of Castilla y León

A good digital connection is essential to improve the tourism offer of a region that was the preferred destination in this segment in 2022

Eurona, the expert company in connectivity services and solutions for rural and remote areas, has reached a collaboration agreement with the Federation of Rural Tourism Entrepreneurs of Castilla y León with the aim of reducing the digital divide that still affects businesses related to rural tourism in this community and boosting their economic activity.

In fact, Castilla y León is the Spanish autonomous community with the highest number of people affected by this digital divide. Specifically, some 720,000 people living in rural areas, 30.4% of the 2.4 million in the whole of Spain, still do not have access to Internet of at least 100 Mbps through fixed networks. These data come from the latest Broadband Report for 2021, published by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and collected by Eurona.

This agreement will enable Eurona's satellite internet connection to be extended to rural tourism-related businesses that are members of the Federation and that do not yet have it, thus strengthening the range of services - such as hospitality, wine tourism, active leisure... - that they offer in a community that is a leader in this tourism segment.

Castilla y León was the leading autonomous region in terms of the number of overnight stays in Spain in 2022. A total of 743,605 travellers passed through the existing rural tourism accommodation in Castilla y León throughout the year 2022. This represents an increase of 25.1% in overnight stays compared to the previous year, above the national average, which rose by 22.2%. These are data from the Tourist Accommodation Occupancy Survey of the National Statistics Institute (INE).

With this agreement, Eurona redoubles its commitment to the development of rural tourism and the creation of equal opportunities to boost economic activity in Empty Spain. A good Internet connection increases the capacity of companies to generate wealth and employment and thus helps to fix the population in these areas.

For Ángel Carreras, president of the Castilla y León Rural Tourism Business Federation, this agreement "is a powerful tool that we put at the service of local businesses and that will probably allow them to increase and improve the quality of services to tourists. We would also like to thank the Regional Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Junta de Castilla y León for their willingness and commitment to help complement and disseminate this agreement that is being signed today".

For his part, Luis Encinas, Director of Strategy, Expansion and Communication at Eurona, considers that "a good internet connection is key to boosting tourism development in empty Spain", while recalling that "satellite internet technology is the internet of the villages, the only one that enables a quality connection in remote areas, an essential service to guarantee their prosperity and to fix the population to the territory".


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