Eurona and TotalEnergies partner to bring sustainable energy to homes in empty Spain

This is the first agreement between two Spanish suppliers to bring high-speed satellite Internet and green electricity to rural areas

Customers will be able to enjoy an offer at a more competitive price than the one they currently have, with the consequent savings on their energy bills

Oviedo, 14 June 2022 - Eurona, the expert in connectivity services and solutions for rural and remote areas, and TotalEnergies, a multi-energy company, have signed an agreement to bring satellite internet and sustainable energy together for the first time in Spain to homes in empty Spain.

The complementary strengths of the two companies - the rural environment for Eurona, and residential and small businesses for TotalEnergies - ensure a significant level of penetration covering all of Spain through a differentiated value proposition. The two companies have a combined portfolio of more than two million customers.

This agreement reinforces Eurona's leading position in rural areas by complementing its quality satellite Internet offer with an essential service such as energy. In fact, it is the only operator in Spain able to offer 100 megabit satellite Internet to rural Spain, especially to villages with less than 5,000 inhabitants.

It will also enable homes and small businesses in the empty Spain to enjoy the electricity, gas and maintenance services offered by TotalEnergies, a benchmark company in Europe with eight million customers and the fourth largest gas and electricity supplier in the Spanish residential market, where almost three million people can enjoy its electricity, gas and maintenance products and services in their homes and businesses. Its offer stands out for being 100% renewable with guarantees of origin certified by the CNMC; affordable, as it currently has a price improvement commitment for people who switch to TotalEnergies, and with a local, close and reliable service with 14 customer service offices, a 24-hour free telephone number and the customer app. The company also offers tailor-made electric mobility and self-consumption projects, which can be particularly suitable for rural areas.

This collaboration is also in line with the current trend of seeking alliances that build customer loyalty and provide added value, as well as helping to reduce the digital divide in villages, which continues to act as a brake on economic and social progress. This agreement also reinforces the commitment of both companies to sustainability, by offering clean energy in areas whose environmental richness deserves special protection.

Users who opt for this offer will be able to enjoy a more competitive price with TotalEnergies than they currently have, with the resulting savings on their energy bill. Eurona, for its part, becomes the first company with this business model to partner with TotalEnergies.

According to Eurona's President and CEO, Fernando Ojeda, "with this launch we are deepening our strategy of offering more value to our customers with essential services such as Internet connection or energy itself, and we add the company's clear commitment to sustainability by bringing green energy to rural Spain".

For the President of TotalEnergies Electricidad y Gas, Javier Sáenz de Jubera, "TotalEnergies wants to be one of the main players in the energy transition in Spain and contribute to decarbonisation, offering our customers solutions to all their energy needs wherever they live. In this sense, this agreement allows us to bring clean, affordable and nearby energy to homes in rural areas, precisely where respect for the environment is essential".


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