Eurona announces the competition #InternetDePelícula to bring the Internet to 357,500 disconnected Galicians people

Cinema has helped to place in the map towns of Galicia as Láncara or Combarro turning them into scenes for legendary feature films

 Eurona pays tribute to the emptied Spain, positioning itself as an ally against depopulation by understanding that the Internet is a basic necessity for the survival of these areas

Eurona, the Spanish telecommunications multinational, wants to pay tribute to Galicia and its 'film villages' with the announcement of the competition #InternetDePelícula, which seeks to bring the Internet to 13.2% of the population still disconnected.

Cinema has helped to put unknown villages on the map, turning them into the setting for such legendary films as Isabel Coixet's 'A los que Aman', which was shot in the town of Láncara in Lugo, or 'Dagon: la secta del mar', shot in Combarro, in the province of Pontevedra.

However, after the spotlights, many of them are still municipalities far from any population centre and deprived of many opportunities 365 days a year. In fact, according to the latest available data, around 357,500 people cannot even access a quality Internet connection, especially in rural, unpopulated or difficult orography areas in Galicia.

However, Eurona has not forgotten about them and all the others, and with the #InternetDePelícula initiative it will bring free satellite broadband connection to municipalities that are still disconnected or whose coverage is slow and limited.

The residents will thus be the protagonists of their own history through a competition in which they must recreate the scene of a mythical film in their towns or even star in their own short film. All municipalities in Spain with less than 5,000 inhabitants with a poor or no internet connection may enter.

The jury, made up of representatives of the company and experts from the audiovisual world, will evaluate criteria such as originality, interpretation, locations or subject matter in order to select the winners.

From March onwards, those selected will be able to start enjoying their #InternetDePelícula in the agreed public spaces, as established by the legal bases of the competition, which can be accessed via this link.

Eurona seeks to position itself as an ally against depopulation, offering an immediate and viable solution for broadband Internet access, which is also a source of educational and employment opportunities for the thousands of Galicians who still lack coverage.

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