Eurona and Accelleran move forward on a 5G pilot for Smart Cities

Eurona and the technology manufacturer 'Small Cell', Accelleran, have reached an agreement that lays the foundations of an investigation for the development of 5G technology in the 'Smart City'. The agreement has been announced on the occasion of the Smart City Expo World, the main international event of smart cities that takes place these days in Barcelona.

Eurona has collaborated with Accelleran in the use of its 3.5 GHz radio spectrum in a project with 'Small Cell' technology, which will guarantee coverage everywhere and a high-performance connection in smart cities.

This research reinforces the existing link between both companies and enhances the development of 5G networks in Spain, where Eurona starts as privileged thanks to its licensed broadband.

And is that the 5G will play a key role in communications in the coming years, with very powerful systems, fast and with minimum latencies. In order to exploit all its capabilities, the best positioned technology is that of 'Small Cells' or mini base stations, which will improve coverage and make the signal better reach all types of buildings.

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