Eurona has three main business units:

Satellite: Internet services through satellite for households, businesses, schools, hospitals and even boats. Eurona leads the satellite sector in Spain, Europe, and Africa.

4G Technology: Internet services in urban and non-urban areas through 4G technology.

WIFI/Hotspot (multi-connections in enclosed and temporary spaces): Internet access in large-scale infrastructures such as airports, hotels, exhibition halls, business centers, shopping centers, train or bus stations, etc.


For Eurona, equal opportunities means universal access to the Internet.


We strive for economic profitability and also social welfare.


Eurona is measured in thousands of connected lives and not in millions of users.


The unknown does not scare us, it spurs us on.


We live to connect people, build bridges and create stories.


We are always nearby, providing service far and wide.


We encourage social integration, we resurrect little towns with a real chance of liveliness and commerce.


We provide a broadband connection capable of maintaining a 'life on land' standard yet on the high seas.


We are the passport for long stay tourists.


We give wings to airport Internet, essential for the connected traveller.

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