Eurona renews its alliance with Armas Shipping Company and will offer satellite broadband connection to nine ships

This new transaction valued at almost half a million euros strengthens Eurona's "large account" area by increasing the shipping company's turnover by 16%

 The company consolidates its position as an operator of high connectivity and on-board services

Madrid, 29th October 2019.-  Eurona, the Spanish telecommunications multinational, has renewed its alliance with Armas Shipping Company until 2021 and will offer a broadband satellite connection to a fleet of nine ferries - including the new catamaran 'Volcán de Tagoro' - for more than half a million euros.

With this new operation, the telecommunications company reinforces its "large accounts" division (B2B), an area that grows approximately 40% year on year, thus becoming one of the Group's most strategic areas, representing almost 5% of the business, of which around a third comes from the maritime sector.

This alliance with the Canary Islands shipping company also consolidates its position as an operator of high connectivity and services on board, as the Armas is added to the existing agreement with other shipping reference in Spain, where the company already offers connection to about twenty ships.

Precisely, this strategy is part of Eurona's business plan whose objective is to boost its expansion in the maritime sector, a niche in which it already connects with satellite technology to passenger ferries, merchant ships, yachts and fishing boats.

All of this at a time of strong growth in this sector where terrestrial technologies do not reach, and where the demand for on-board services is expected to increase over the next five years. In addition, in the next decade, it is expected that all vessels over 24 meters, have a satellite communication system.


High technology on board

The alliance with Armas dates back to 2016, when the Canary Islands passenger and freight shipping company entrusted Eurona with the connection of its ferries. Since then, Eurona has evolved its technology to respond to the increased demand in the use of data. The company currently provides Ku-band connection to the ferries of the shipping company, and is already working to offer them the latest generation satellite connectivity in Ka-band, which means much higher frequencies, qualities and transmission speeds than those provided by other technologies at a competitive price.

Among other functionalities, the satellite connection that Eurona offers to Armas allows the ferries of the shipping company to establish a connectivity network (VPN) with their corporate offices to exchange information regarding their passenger lists, fatality data, available stocks or collections. In addition, the shipping company can offer different services on board such as Wifi to the ticket, access to content or electronic payments.

According to Fernando Ojeda, CEO of Eurona, "this alliance with a long-standing partner and the importance of Armas Shipping Company, in addition to reinforcing our large account area (B2B), is part of Eurona's policy of effectively bringing the Internet where others do not reach by land, sea or air".

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