Eurona launches first TV campaign to bring satellite internet to empty Spain and bridge the digital divide

Advertisements will be aired on the main regional channels from today for a month to encourage the use of this technology

12.4% of the population, especially those living in rural areas, still do not have access to 100 megabit internet, according to the latest Government Coverage Report

Eurona, the expert in connectivity services and solutions for rural and remote areas, will launch from today, 16 June the first campaign made for television in Spain to promote the use of satellite technology with the aim of bringing the Internet to empty Spain and thus reduce the digital divide, which continues to act as a brake on economic and social progress.

The campaign will run for a month on the main regional television channels in the 17 Autonomous Communities with the aim of making an impact in the rural areas of these territories. Precisely 12.4% of the population in small municipalities, around six million people, still do not have access to 100 megabit Internet, according to the latest Broadband Coverage Report prepared by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation in 2021.

The campaign spot will be subtitled so that hearing impaired people can access it. This decision responds to Eurona's social commitment and its commitment to the inclusion, integration and visibility of people with disabilities.

The aim of this initiative is to bring to all citizens a technology that is still largely unknown, despite the fact that it has been available for years and offers excellent performance. It also has other virtues: it is simple, fast and immediate, it offers 100% coverage of the territory, and its deployment does not depend on wiring or large infrastructures.

But undoubtedly the main advantage of satellite broadband access is that it offers practically universal coverage throughout the territory, including isolated and remote areas, which are not reached by other technologies.

The advertisements to be broadcast include testimonials from real people who live in rural areas and for whom Eurona's services have helped to improve their quality of life and boost the digitalisation of their businesses.

Among them are those of a farmer who controls his harvest thanks to the internet connection via satellite; the owner of a rural house who manages her business online through the internet; and an elderly woman who is reassured knowing that with Eurona's connectivity she can access telemedicine services from her tablet and without leaving her home.
Commitment to connectivity
This campaign reinforces Eurona's commitment to connectivity in places where it has not yet reached or is deficient. Eurona has been the leader in rural satellite Internet for more than 15 years, a technology that has already become the heart of the company's business due to its ability to connect rural and remote areas that are not reached by other technologies such as fibre. From 2021, Eurona is the only operator in Spain able to offer 100 megabit satellite internet to 100% of rural Spain, especially to villages of less than 5,000 inhabitants with no telecommunications infrastructure.
Prices for satellite technology are currently very competitive and range from 28 to 60 euros. To set it up, all that is required is the installation of a receiver inside the home or business and an antenna outside to pick up the satellite signal.
The aim of this small installation is to guarantee access to essential services such as teleworking, online studies, using social networks, making video calls, using instant messaging applications, etc. In short, to offer the inhabitants of rural Spain, through satellite connectivity, the same opportunities that are already available to them in urban environments.
The success of this technology is already evident in private homes, city councils, local businesses and SMEs throughout Spain.

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