Fernando Ojeda comments some milestones of Eurona's new Business Plan in 'Uno de los nuestros' Capital Radio's program

The CEO of Eurona, Fernando Ojeda, has had the opportunity to talk with the journalist José de la Morena and the analyst Carlos Ladero in the program 'One of Ours' by Capital Radio. The CEO has highlighted the strategic lines of the new Business Plan focused on a profitable and sustainable growth of the group, which is already giving good results such as the sale of the 5G license to MásMóvil or the signing of new very ambitious projects.

In addition, the analyst Carlos Ladero has highlighted the figure of the CEO, noting that he is a person "with a lot of experience in the sector, who has done things very well, which has made us return to focus on the company."

You can listen to the full interview here

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