Eurona reaches out to the government to meet with the objectives against depopulation and the demographic challenge

The President of the Government activated on Friday a package of measures including the universalization of broadband of 30 Mbps

Beyond the deployment and cost limitations of other technologies, the satellite has full coverage of the entire territory

Eurona, the Spanish telecommunications multinational, has taken another step in its particular battle for connectivity in the rural world, reaching out to the government to comply with the package of measures against depopulation activated last Friday in La Rioja by President Pedro Sánchez.

Bearing in mind that at least nine communities - including Extremadura, Galicia, Castile and Leon, Asturias, Aragon, Cantabria, Castile-La Mancha, Valencia and La Rioja - have systematically lost population in recent years, the company recalls the importance of public-private partnerships to make this plan to combat the demographic challenge effective.

In this sense, Eurona Telecom shares with Vice President Teresa Ribera the need to improve digital connectivity in rural areas by universalizing 30Mbps broadband coverage in line with the objective of the European Digital Agenda. The Internet is seen as a source of possibilities for these areas by promoting rights such as teleworking or distance education or by promoting new business models.

Thus, the multinational proposes satellite technology as an immediate and viable way to bring broadband Internet to the whole territory. Beyond the limitations of deployment and costs posed by other technologies such as fiber optics, the satellite has full coverage, so it can reach any corner of the country instantly without the need for major infrastructure.

In fact, Eurona Telecom reminds that knowing its importance, the same public administration already has in place some aids to make the installation costs free for the inhabitants of small municipalities, those most punished by this problem that depopulation poses.

According to Fernando Ojeda, CEO of Eurona, "regardless of the colour of the political party in power, forgetting about the rural world is a commitment for all of us. That is why there is an urgent need for collaboration and a real commitment to cohesive measures such as the democratization of a universal right recognized by the United Nations, such as the Internet".


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